Shop Online without being worried about International Shipping from USA

Online shopping is a big trend today all over the world. People love to shop from online stores, maximum of which are being run from the USA. These stores fulfil requirements of people looking for original products of different brands, which might not be available in any other parts except the USA. In such cases, shopping lovers are left with no choice but US online shopping stores. So, they visit the store, choose the products, add them into the cart, but when it comes to add address, a maximum number of buyers need to go a step back with a sad face.

Yes, you are right. The seller does not ship internationally or ship only to a selected regions in this world. This limitation of international package shipping makes a large number of buyers feel sad.

Are you one of such buyers who need to ship internationally from USA online stores? If yes, you will find the information given herein below pretty useful and may also jump with joy, but please be careful when you jump.

How to make international shipping from USA possible when you are not living in the USA or even do not have any friends there to help you.

One of the biggest and the most challenging question is “how to do international package shipping from the USA” as you do not have a physical address there nor you have someone who can take the delivery at his/her address and then send the product to you via courier or cargo company.

You have a solution of international shipping from USA now without being available in the USA. And, name of that solution is

How works? makes it easier for you to ship internationally to USA without having a physical address in the USA. You only need to understand how works and how it can help you with international package shipping:

  1. Logon to and create an account. When you register an account, you are provided with a physical address, which can be used as your shipping address on various online portals in the USA.
  2. Before, you use the address we provide as your shipping address, use our shipping calculator to get an estimate of our cost. We love transparency and shipping calculator will help you to understand the amount you will be paying us.
  3. When you are fine with our charges, use the address we have provided to you as your physical address in the USA.
  4. We will receive your products and deliver them to the address in your own country.

This is how you can get International package shippingfor a smaller cost.


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Theboxdrop – Redefining International shipping from USA

There are shopping freaks all over the world who love to shop from stores in the USA but they face problem with international shipping from USA. Such people often look for alternative ways to get items received at their address and a few of such ways are listed below:

  • Look for people in their contacts living in the USA so that they can get the items shipped at their address in the USA and then take their help to get the items shipped to them using a courier company.
  • Look for a mediator who can provide them a local address to receive items from the seller and then take responsibility to deliver items to their address. This process needs you to invest some extra amount, which might be lesser than the seller’s cost to international package shipping cost.

We – are the second option for you. We make international shipping from USA simpler and better. We help you to keep your shopping love aired without thinking about if the seller can ship items to your address or if the seller’s international package shipping cost is too much. What all you need to do is the following:

  • Contact us.
  • Register at our site –
  • We provide you a local address that you can specify as your shipping address in the USA.
  • We receive the items and then deliver the same to your local address for a small and genuine amount.
  • We have partnered with world’s top freights including FedEx, DHL, BEX, and TNT. We can deliver even a single item to your address.

Though, we charge a small amount for international shipping from USA, we would like you to ensure the shipping cost to your local address using our Shipping Calculator, which is much easier to use. Simply select your country, enter package width, height, and weight. You will see the shipping cost in USD. Once you agree to pay the same, proceed ahead and your items will be delivered to your local address.

Is not it great that you are able to shop anything in the USA without limiting your love for American brands that are not available in your country and the American seller is not delivering to your country. Use the address we provide to you and be happy leaving everything on us. No need to disturb your friends living in the USA as well, as they might not have enough time to pick your package and then visit to the freight centre to book international shipping from USA. And, even your friend does not mind helping, you may not like to obligate him or her again and again.

So visit us, calculate international package shipping cost using our shipping calculator, and let us deliver your items to you.

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Online shopping – The best way of shopping

Shopping is an excellent way to find good steals for the products you are interested in. But going out to shop is a big headache these days. The travel time included and the limited availability of the products at one place makes shopping a task. One such way to shop is online. This will evade all the disadvantages of shopping. There are many websites that offer online shopping for all the types of products.

Stores online shopping

Shopping online is the process where consumers go to purchase products on the internet. There are stores where online shopping is the cup of tea. Stores like eshop, internet stop are available over the net, which provide options to buy or purchase products of your own choice and at your own will. Many a time when we want to purchase something from the retail stores we have to take many factors into consideration like the traffic and travel time to reach the store, the availability of the product, the mode of transport to carry the product without defects. All these are negated in online shopping. What if you go to a retail store and ask for a particular product which is not available, and you get disappointed as you had travelled all the way for this product which was a necessity to you. But in case of online shopping, you will just need to go online and choose the product, look for the availability and order it. The product will be delivered to your doorstep. That is the advantage of online shopping.

Online offer of the day

The websites which offer online shopping keep on coming up with many offers and deals, which will profit the consumer as well as their business. For example, if there is a product which is available at the online store for quite some time and it is not moving fast with the consumers. The store can keep a one day offer on the product and advertise the same. The people who need it the most will look at it and buy it as soon as possible. This will benefit both the consumer and the store as the product is received at a discount and the movement of the product sales has also started.

These offers can be online offers of the day, summer festival or monsoon festival and even on occasions like Christmas, New Year, etc.

Drop shipping from USA

 Drop shipping is a way of delivering goods for the online stores. The purchase made by the consumer over the internet by an online selling company will pass on the details of the consumer like the name, address and product details which will be used by the drop shipping company to deliver the goods as required. There are many companies for drop shipping from USA which take place, and at good profits.

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