Theboxdrop – Redefining International shipping from USA

There are shopping freaks all over the world who love to shop from stores in the USA but they face problem with international shipping from USA. Such people often look for alternative ways to get items received at their address and a few of such ways are listed below:

  • Look for people in their contacts living in the USA so that they can get the items shipped at their address in the USA and then take their help to get the items shipped to them using a courier company.
  • Look for a mediator who can provide them a local address to receive items from the seller and then take responsibility to deliver items to their address. This process needs you to invest some extra amount, which might be lesser than the seller’s cost to international package shipping cost.

We – are the second option for you. We make international shipping from USA simpler and better. We help you to keep your shopping love aired without thinking about if the seller can ship items to your address or if the seller’s international package shipping cost is too much. What all you need to do is the following:

  • Contact us.
  • Register at our site –
  • We provide you a local address that you can specify as your shipping address in the USA.
  • We receive the items and then deliver the same to your local address for a small and genuine amount.
  • We have partnered with world’s top freights including FedEx, DHL, BEX, and TNT. We can deliver even a single item to your address.

Though, we charge a small amount for international shipping from USA, we would like you to ensure the shipping cost to your local address using our Shipping Calculator, which is much easier to use. Simply select your country, enter package width, height, and weight. You will see the shipping cost in USD. Once you agree to pay the same, proceed ahead and your items will be delivered to your local address.

Is not it great that you are able to shop anything in the USA without limiting your love for American brands that are not available in your country and the American seller is not delivering to your country. Use the address we provide to you and be happy leaving everything on us. No need to disturb your friends living in the USA as well, as they might not have enough time to pick your package and then visit to the freight centre to book international shipping from USA. And, even your friend does not mind helping, you may not like to obligate him or her again and again.

So visit us, calculate international package shipping cost using our shipping calculator, and let us deliver your items to you.

For more information about International shipping from USA kindly visit: –

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